First Time Visitors

Prior to your appointment our front desk team will gather your insurance information and go over any questions you have about our office. They will schedule you with the doctor or hygienist of your request. If you do not have a preference, they will schedule you with the doctor that best fits your specific needs.

What to expect at your first appointment

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to fill out New Patient Paperwork. You can also download our New Patient Paperwork  and fill it out prior to your appointment. You can bring this with you, or email it to us at

Q&A with the Doctor

This is very important step in the process for us.  We want you to know that your voice is heard!  Your desires and goals must be understood by us to help you achieve them.  It is important to share your fears, dreams, and expectations for achieving your ultimate smile.

Panoramic x-ray

This image gives us a good view of all the soft and hard tissue of your oral cavity. It takes less than one minute to complete and greatly reduces the amount of radiation to which our patients are exposed. We like to update this x-ray every 3-5 years.

Bitewing x-rays

To compliment the panoramic x-ray we get a set of bitewing, or “cavity detection,” x-rays that allow the doctors to see in between your back teeth. This is one of the most common spots for cavities to develop. We like to get a set of these every year, and they’re comprised of a quick 2 x-rays on each side.

Complete full-mouth charting of your gums

A vital component of checking for and monitoring gum disease and overall oral health is measuring “attachment loss.” We want to be sure that your teeth have the appropriate bone and tissue support to allow for proper oral and systemic health. They’ll take measurements for each tooth while an assistant records them in your file.

Comprehensive oral examination

Our doctors will analyze the information we’ve gathered and perform an oral exam to get the most accurate picture of your health. They’ll then discuss their findings with you and go over what, if any, further treatment is suggested before your next cleaning. They will also address and questions or concerns you may have.

Thorough dental cleaning

One of our qualified hygienists will finish up by scaling and polishing your teeth. If it has been a while since your last dental visit, a more intensive cleaning may be needed. The doctor will determine this before they begin and discuss your options with you if more advanced work is required. Once they’re done we’ll set you up with your next appointment and have you on your way!