Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is completed under IV Sedation, making sure you are as comfortable as possible. Dr. Fraiz gives patients his direct cell phone in case of any surgical complications.

Wisdom teeth include the third and final set of molars that erupt in the back corners of the upper and lower normal adult mouth. Unfortunately, most people experience problems from wisdom teeth; in most cases, this is because the teeth erupt too close to existing permanent teeth, causing crowding, improper bites, and other problems.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Symptoms

Wisdom teeth symptoms are easy to spot: pain, inflammation, and some kinds of infections. If wisdom teeth are causing a problem and are not pulled, they can sometimes become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely painful, as well as harmful to your oral health.  If you have any of these symptoms, you may need to get your wisdom teeth extracted.

Many people need to have their wisdom teeth pulled to avoid future serious problems. In general, the lack of the four wisdom teeth does not hamper one’s ability to properly bite down, speak or eat. Our team at Indy Dental Health will help you assess your options for this surgery if it is necessary.