Indianapolis CEREC Dentist

Make Indy Dental Health your local Indianapolis CEREC Dentist. CEREC technology has transformed dental procedures such as dental crowns, porcelain veneers, onlays and inlays. This technology allows dentist to create ceramic restorations in minutes! Call Indy Dental Health at 317-669-9025 to schedule an appointment today!

Our Indianapolis CEREC Dentist and Machine

Below is the milling unit our Indianapolis CEREC dentist use. As well as the dentist who performs the CEREC operation.

Indianapolis CEREC Dentist

Dr. Matthew Fraiz our Indianapolis CEREC Dentist.

What does a CEREC restoration consist of?

The first step in a CEREC restoration is to prepare the tooth. Our dentist removes all tooth decay, making the opening of the tooth wider than the base.  The next step is to make an impression of the tooth. A titanium dust covering is applied, allowing the CEREC dental camera to take a highly detailed picture of the tooth.

The image appears on a computer screen where the dentist is able to view the tooth from all angles and finalize the restoration. The dental image is sent out to the milling unit. Our dentist selects a ceramic block that matches the color of your teeth to ensure that the restoration is practically invisible.

Within 15 minutes the full dental crown, overlay, onlay or veneer is finished. Our expert Indianapolis CEREC dentist check to make sure the new tooth fits perfectly. Finally, the ceramic tooth is polished and attached to the tooth with dental cement.

The CEREC restoration procedure is now complete. What is the best thing about our CEREC machine? The patient does not need to come back for a second visit!

What Does “CEREC” mean?

Patients tend to ask what does “CEREC” mean and we gladly answer them. The brand CEREC dental is the beginning of two different words, CEramic and REConstruction, formed into one. 

Indianapolis CEREC Dentist

CEREC Milling Machine