Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide or better known as laughing gas is a soothing sedation method, inhaled through a comfortable nasal mask. The laughing gas effects the entire body causing feelings of warmth, comfort, and safety. The nitrous oxide helps ease the fears, allowing you to relax while receiving treatment.

Upon removal of the mask, the side effects subside, allowing you to return to your normal routine immediately. The only health concern involved in nitrous oxide is pregnancy.  The data on research is inconclusive involving pregnant mothers inhaling nitrous oxide. It is important if you’re possibly pregnant, to tell us.

The side effects of nitrous oxide are extremely minimal. If you are receiving nitrous oxide sedation, you can drive to and from the appointment as well as consume food and/or drinks prior to the appointment.  Children are great candidates for nitrous oxide.  Please ask us any questions at Indy Dental Health when you come in!