IV Sedation Dentistry Indianapolis

IV Sedation dentistry is an exceedingly popular service requested by many patients. The first thing we want our patients to understand is how safe this procedure is. Our dentists at Indy Dental Health, located in Indianapolis, IN are specially trained for IV sedation. Statistics show IV sedation is more safe than local anesthetic.

IV Sedation vs. Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is how other dental practices refer to this procedure, but not Indy Dental Health. In all reality, many patients remain conscious during IV Sedation. Patients are able to respond to the requests of our dentists. But remember, if you want IV sedation dentistry, you must have a driver or ride home.

Why IV Sedation Dentistry?

Why would a dental patient want IV sedation dentistry? Maybe one have always had a fear of the dentist. Maybe a patient dislikes the dentist poking at their teeth. Maybe the sedation aspect is appealing. Plenty of people have a fear of the dentist. To help make a dental visit a better experience, our dentists trained to be sedation experts.