How Dental Implants Can Improve Denture Function

Though dentures can offer a significant improvement to daily mouth function, most denture-wearers will be quick to tell you that dentures are far from perfect. Even after the learning curve, it can be difficult to eat certain foods and/or speak normally with dentures.

But have no fear, there’s hope for improved denture function, and they’re called dental implants.

When replacing single missing teeth, a dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement option that uses a small titanium post—inserted into the jawbone—to serve as the “tooth root.” A life-like dental crown is then attached to the post for a natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth replacement.

For a completely edentulous patient with dentures, a specialized “locator attachment” is used instead of a crown. The attachment can be made to anchor the denture to the implant, resulting in an easy-to-wear denture option.

“When implants serve as anchors, dentures function more naturally and tend to improve the denture experience,” says Dr. Fraiz. For denture wearers, the most common scenario is to place two to four implants into the lower jaw. The dentures then snap onto the locator attachments and provide steadier chewing and speaking.

If you are interested in learning how dental implants to improve your denture function then feel free to step up a free consultation with Indy Dental Health.