Summer Treats Can Hurt Your Teeth

As Indianapolis starts to heat up, there are many ways to beat the heat: spending time by a pool, relaxing in your air conditioned home or enjoying cold snacks. While cold snacks may be refreshing for the summer, Indy Dental Health want its patients to know some summer snacks may not be the best for your oral health. Also, learn how you can help offset the damage.

Our Concern: Sugary Ice Cream Can Cause Tooth Decay

Dairy products, like ice cream, can be a good source of calcium. Unfortunately, most ice creams are made with a lot of sugar, one of the leading causes of tooth decay.  When buying ice cream, we suggest buying sugar-free or low-sugar ice cream. However, if your child wants the ice cream full of sugar, there are a few ways to minimize the impact the sugar has on teeth.

  • Brush teeth after eating ice cream or rinse with water or mouth wash. This will help get some of the sticky sugars off the enamel.
  • Avoid ice creams with extras like caramel or syrup.
  • Eat ice cream at the end of a meal.

Our Concern: Sodas Erode Tooth Enamel

Are sodas bad for my teeth? Yes, they are! The acids in sodas start to eat away at the enamel on your teeth 20 minutes are your first drink. Plus, the extra calories provide no nutritional value. The dentists at Indy Dental Health suggest substituting a sugar filled soda with water to quench your thirst on the hot days.