Dental Crown Indianapolis, IN

Indy Dental Health provides the best dental crown in Indianapolis, IN. Some of you have asked about this new machine we got this year, the CEREC Machine.  It mills an all-porcelain dental crown in a single visit.

Dental Crown Indianapolis

The before photo of the crowned tooth.

For those of you whom have not seen this incredible service, let me briefly explain the difference of the dental crowns.

Dental Crown: Old Way

Become numbed for the dentists to begin the dental crown work. A tray with goopy material is shoved in your mouth.  Fro the tray, a temporary plastic crown that does not fit great is made  Your temporary crowned tooth is sensitive because it does not fit right.  Then you have to schedule time for more work and come back for the permanent tooth crowning. You have to get re-numbed when the temporary, plastic crown is taken off. Then you get the permanent crown cemented in.

Out with the old, in with the new service: Dental Crown Indianapolis, IN

Dental Crowns Indianapolis

The finished crown, only 60 minutes later!

Dental Crown Indianapolis, IN: New Way With the CEREC Machine

A camera is used for the impression. No tray, No goopy material. The dental crown is fabricated using CAD/CAM technology and milled at an in-office machine.  Then put into the mouth.  No re-numbing. No 2nd appointment.  No temporary plastic crown.  A better dental crown experience!

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Innovative Dental Crown: The CEREC Machine on Dr. Phil

A patient sent me this video of Dr. Phil interviewing a dentist in Atlanta, GA about a single visit dental crown with the CEREC Machine. This video was filmed in 2010.