Preparing your Child for their first trip to the Dentist

At Indy Dental Health we understand the importance of preparing your child for their first trip to the Dentist. Part of being a parent is helping your child establish good oral health habits, starting with visiting a Dentist.  Therefore, your child’s first trip to the Dentist does not have to be a stressful one because a lot has evolved throughout the years of dentistry.

First Dentist Trip

The days of the “scary dentist first trip”, and baby teeth extractions with no numbing agents are now a thing of the past. Your child will now recall a fun visit with our hygienists, assistants and Dentist. Our office is also equipped with providing safe options of relaxation for your little guy or gal.

Preparation for the First Trip

Preparation for a first time visit to the dentist is an important part to ensuring a positive experience. We would be happy to discuss those options with you at your first consultation or before any treatment. We will also help you establish and encourage good home care –  speaking to your child in a comforting and educating manner.

Parents and caregivers are always welcome in our treatment rooms, to help your little one make it through their first dental cleaning.

Web MD had provided a great list of tips that will help prepare your little one for a great experience to our office!